KUELLAR CONSULTING is a consultancy dedicated entirely to international trade.

Provides advice on all procedures that have to do with an import / export; As for export, it collaborates with companies from the development of the product, the search for customers, to the realization of the final sale. The mission is to offer a guide The mission is to offer a guide in the process and the improvement of internationalization, opening paths and clearing doubts, adapting to the needs, desires, objectives, and individual resources of each company and organization. Agent-representative service for importers, exporters, international trade organizations and institutions.
They are carried out: market studies, sectorial economic reports, economic reports by country or region and, the generation of contents, through articles, notes and infographics, for different means of disseminating international trade.

The consultancy is created and directed by Cristian Cuellar, Consultant and Analyst in International Trade, and is based in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It provides services to companies, institutions and public or private organizations that are located anywhere in the world.

About Cristian Cuellar:

  • “Bachelor in International Commerce”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • “Senior Technician in Customs Administration”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Professional registered in the CPCECABA. (Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires). Nº C.I. 1-20
  • Member of the “Commission for Foreign Trade and Regional Organizations” of the CPCECABA.
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